The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association (LdBWA) researched various locations for the development of the Outdoor Education Centre (OEC). Options for leasing or purchasing non-crown land and obtaining other Crown land was considered. This included examining possible options with the other ranges. While there are 4 other ranges within 45 km of the Town of Lac du Bonnet, none of them offer what is being proposed by the LdBWA.

Previous arrangements with other ranges were found to be unsuitable to our members. Some ranges have reached capacity and are no longer accepting memberships. Others were not interested in forming partnerships or amalgamating with us to expand their facilities.

It is anticipated that the OEC will draw participants from the Lee River, Bird River, and beyond. While these ranges may be a suitable distance for town residents to use, they are too far away for many. Development or use of a site outside the area would also greatly reduce the economic benefit to our community