Enforcement Doing the Job

With the stepped-up enforcement patrols, the local Conservation Officers have been able to curtail a lot of moose being taken illegally in GHA 26. Hats off to the COs for their hard work. It would seem that the Rights-Based hunters are, by in large, observing the Conservation Closure even when one group announced it would be opened up.

Here are some of the results of the Conservation Officers patrols. These are provincial statistics.

Since Oct. 10, conservation officers have conducted patrols to enforce Manitoba’s new Wildlife Amendment Act (Safe Hunting and Shared Management), resulting in:

  • charges or appearance notices to 31 individuals for serious wildlife offences,
  • warnings to 19 individuals for night hunting without a permit or for hunting in a moose conservation closure,
  • charges to 11 individuals for possessing illegally taken wildlife,
  • seizures of eight vehicles,
  • seizures of 16 firearms, and
  • restitution orders totalling $20,500.

On Oct. 10, the Wildlife Amendment Act (Safe Hunting and Shared Management) took effect with the goal of ensuring a safe hunting environment. Night hunting is now illegal in Manitoba on all private land. The act also allows the establishment of shared management committees, which can be an important tool for improved wildlife conservation, including for moose.

Membership Drive to Launch Soon

Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card. Why not?

It’s Membership renewal time. Our new Membership chair Dallas Mitchell is putting the final touches on this year’s campaign.

For 2021 our rates have not changed:

Family Membership $55.00
Single Membership $50.00
Youth Membership $20.00

One major change to this year’s campaign is the ability to pay not only by cheque, E Transfer, or cash but also by Credit Card or Debit Card. Dallas is in the process of finalizing the payment system. This will be a major advancement and will allow the maximum flexibility to make payment of dues. You will be contacted soon.

Website Renewal

The Associations web page is in for a facelift, and actually, it’s getting a total renewal. The layout will be totally changed and it will facilitate the use of all communication devices. Cell phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops will all be able to navigate the site with ease. This has been very much lacking in the past and has become an impediment to good communication. We are all very excited about the new site.

The new website will also facilitate the ability to accept membership payments by Credit Card or Debit Card. This major advancement will allow our many cottager members to make payments from afar.

WANTED: Deer Hides & Heads

Once again Wildlife Branch has agreed to collect deer, elk and moose hide donations at a drop-off depot located at the Lac du Bonnet Conservation office off Highway 502 (behind Sunova Credit Union). Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association (LDBWA) receives $7 for each deer hide, $25 for each elk hide and $100 for each moose hide!! Collected funds will go towards LDBWA youth education projects like the Lac du Bonnet Trout Ponds and the proposed Outdoor Education Center.

Wildlife Branch is also interested in deer head donations used for an ongoing brain worm study. If you would like antlers returned, simply leave a note requesting this with your name/address. Note: Hunters that contributed in 2019 should be receiving a letter soon and their antlers returned.

A collection freezer has been placed outside the first warehouse on the left at the entrance to the Conservation office with a sign on it “Hides & Heads”. If you’re not sure where the reception staff will point you in the right direction.

Thank you for your participation.