The proposed Outdoor Education Center (OEC) will be a unique venue designed to give outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to experience hands-on involvement in programs that introduce them to the outdoors and outdoor skills. A decommissioned waste disposal site will undergo reclamation to repurpose it into a recreational area and education centre.

A classroom facility will be constructed to allow us to deliver educational programs in conservation, focusing on outdoor skills, safety, and other natural resource-based programs. This recreational facility will provide a complete set of archery, trap, and shooting ranges constructed in accordance with the range design and guidelines of the Canadian Firearms Centre.

The various programs will be open to all ages with a focus on youth. The skills learned at the center will enable the users to enjoy the many outdoor recreational opportunities our area has to offer. It is our hope that the participants will not only learn a skill but become ambassadors of wildlife conservation. The 0utdoor Education Center will be one of a kind in Western Canada.