This entire Outdoor Education Centre project is designed to promote safety in outdoor recreational activities in teaching and design.

Currently, target shooting is uncontrolled with the ad hoc use of gravel pits and along trails leading to unsafe situations and litter left behind. This facility will address environmental and safety concerns associated with the ad hoc use of gravel pits and trails for target shooting.

The Canadian Firearms Centre sets range standards and inspections are done by the office of the Chief Provincial Firearms Officer (CPFO). Safety is the mandated purpose of the CPFO. All construction (berms and backstops) and operations will comply with the standards set out by the Office of the Chief Provincial Firearms Officer. Safety areas will be signed at the entrance to the ranges and around the perimeter in accordance with the CPFO requirements. By following Range Design and Construction Guidelines the area will be much safer than under the current situation where it is not controlled.