The proposed site of the Outdoor Education Center (OEC) is surrounded by forested Crown land and is outside Agassiz Provincial Forest. The Agassiz Provincial Forest is comprised of 196,449 acres (795 kms2) and contains numerous roads, trails, and access areas. The development of the OEC will take only 25 acres.

The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association (LdBWA) supports and encourages a variety of outdoor pursuits and the surrounding area will remain open Crown land, both within and outside the Agassiz forest, available to the public for common outdoor pursuits such as hiking, berry picking, dog walking, indigenous and licenced hunting and just getting out to enjoy nature. In addition, there are numerous other areas and trails for the public to enjoy all around the Lac du Bonnet area, including the 1.5km Interpretative Trail established by the LdBWA during the construction of the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association Ponds.

The SnoMan snowmobile trail #760 runs through the area at the south end of the proposed development. This trail is under the Crown Land permit to the Eastman SnoPals group. The LdBWA has worked closely with Eastman SnoPals and has come to a mutual agreement that the firearm ranges will be closed from Dec 15 to March 30 during the snowmobile season.

There are no designated ATV trails within the Agassiz Provincial Forest nor the vicinity of the proposed OEC. The SnoPal trail southwest of the site is flooded by swamp and impassable to trucks and most ATVs.

While there are no campgrounds, picnic areas, or other established family areas in the immediate vicinity, there is a designated fuelwood cutting area immediately north of the proposed site. It will continue to be available to the public. Development of the OEC will also help control the illegal cutting of fuelwood that is evident south of the proposed site.